About Me

My name is Paris Smith, I'm Georgia based but the Midwest raised me IYKYK! Over the course of 4 years I've been studying the metrics and strategies to properly brand and market my Women's clothing boutique which is now your upcoming fashion blog. During this journey I discovered my passion for teaching & sharing knowledge so I decided to transition into a career of helping others brand themselves. I started off making eBooks and then I moved on to hosting 1 on 1 Brand & Marketing classes for other business owners. I soon started managing micro influencers getting them paid brand deals, responding to emails and scheduling content days for them to stay organized. Kevin Gates once said " The world is abundant" and I truly live by that, everything we want in this life its attainable, you just have to believe in yourself and trust that the universe has already carved a path made just for you. I am your IT girl for rebranding & monetizing your social media!